About Us

Meet Our  SCARE Team

Mary Fondren

Veterinarian Extraordinaire and master decorator with a touch of the acting bug - Mary's talents are endless and her laugh is contagious. Her ability to make people happy and scared is beyond compare.
Jo Dawson

Avid horror fan and makeup artist turned HauntedHouse Operator.-Jo's knowledge and love of the haunt industry has made this haunt an amazing event.
Terry O'Neill

FormerComputer Programmer  now Photographer  - Terry has a great love of people and sense of humor making your wait for the haunt enjoyable.
Our Scare Actors/Crew

​​Our cast is made up of a group of 24 people - Jacks of all trades and amazing workers. They have such a short time to get the haunt ready and everyone puts in 100% of their energy to make it a fun night for all!

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